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One of the essential parts of ZENER’s DNA is sustainability

We, at ZENER, work every day to be respectful with the environment and to contribute to the well-being and the progress of present and future generations.

Our activities and services are endorsed by certifications that enrich us, not only as a company, but also as an active part of the society we are living in.



ZENER is committed to the environment, and therefore, we are permanently working in order to reduce our environmental impact.

We review the achievement of the targets and objectives we have set ourselves as a sustainable company. We respect the legal bases at national and community level and provide for a responsible resource allocation.

The sustainability and efficiency targets are a common target for the whole ZENER team.

Our commitment to to reducing atmospheric emissions is based on the use of energy from renewable sources. This is complemented by the target to reduce our energy consumption. We work in a responsible manner and get the energy from solar and hydraulic plants that do not emit CO2 in order to eliminate as much as possible the impact generated on the climate.

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