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Zener Telekom Germany

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The opening of the ZENER TELEKOM branch in Germany in 2017
strengthened the international presence of the ZENER Group

In Germany, we perform end-to-end projects in all telecommunication areas (Fixed and Mobile Networks) with the main operators in the country.


ZENER TELEKOM has a large experience in the installation and deployment of FTTH optical Fibre Networks, Mobile Telephone Networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and Radio Networks (WiFi, WiMAX and Radio Links), covering all necessary activities for the engineering, deployment, provision and maintenance of the projects.

We do also have a Civil Works area that allows us to provide a comprehensive service.

Our qualification and our operational capacity allow us to contribute to the implementation of these new technologies in the main operators of the country.

End-to-end projects: Engineering, design and optimization, Deployment, installation and commissioning, Follow-up and reporting, Maintenance and breakdowns.

Zener Telekom Germany branch offices

ZENER TELEKOM has currently four branch offices.


Am Holzweg 26
Gebäude B, 2.OG
Hessen 65830, DE

Contact us at
+49 (0)15174475933 


Zener Mobilfunk
Ottostraße 21
63150 Heusenstamm

Contact us at
+49 (0)15174475933


Zener DT Account
Zimmersmühlenweg 14-18
61440 Oberursel

Contact us at
+49 (0) 15174475933 


Zener Telekom GmbH
Tweegten 2
29313 Hambühren

Contact us at
+49 (0) 15174475933 

Global presence

Our customers are our best allies, wherever they are.
This has driven us to be internationally present.

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